Thematic series on Advanced characterization methods for nano-materials

Guest Editors:  Tomoji Kawai, Bae Ho Park, Young Jun Chang, Taekjib Choi

Nano science has been developed rapidly during past decades with help of various nanoscale tools, such as scanning microsocopy, electron microscopy, and theoretical simulation. Since discovery of novel nano-materials and its development strongly depends on the new nanoscale technologies, newly emerging nano technologies are essential for leading nano science and the realization of nano electronics.

Papers published in this thematic series will introduce and review the recent advances in the emerging nanoscale methodologies for characterizing structural, chemical, electronic, and magnetic properties.

All papers and supplementary information (if any) should be submitted online and prepared according to the NCON guidelines. Authors should indicate that the paper is submitted for the special issue in their cover letter and is not published or being considered to publish elsewhere. All submissions will be subject to peer review before possible acceptance for publication in NCON which is free of charge and highly accessed by readers from all over the world.

Deadline for submissions: 30/06/2017

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