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Figure 10

From: Hyperbolic metamaterials: fundamentals and applications

Figure 10

Subwavelength imaging with HMMs. (a) Multilayer HMM in the near field of an object allows normally evanescent waves to propagate and carry subwavelength features across the length of the structure. Inset: Point dipole placed in the near field of a Type I HMM. The dipole radiates into sub-diffraction resonance cones in the HMM structure. The high-k waves are still evanescent outside of the multilayer HMM. (b) Hyperlens: Cylindrical HMM geometry allows for the tangential component of the wavevector times the radius to remain constant. The wavevectors decrease in magnitude as the high-k waves move to the edge of the structure. If the wavevector magnitudes are reduced sufficiently to allow propagation in vacuum, the hyperlens can carry subwavelength features to the far-field.

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