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Figure 5

From: Hyperbolic metamaterials: fundamentals and applications

Figure 5

Angle resolved reflection. (a) Ag-TiO2 Multilayer system: Rp and Rs versus incident angle for both effective medium theory (dashed) and the multilayer structure (solid) for Type I (λ = 360 nm) and Type II (λ = 750 nm) hyperbolic regions. The structures are at 50% metal fill fraction for the both the EMT slab (320 nm thick) and the 40 layered multilayer structure (8 nm layers). (b) Rp and Rs versus incident angle for Type I (λ = 850 nm) and Type II (λ = 390 nm) Ag-Al2O3 nanowire system (500 nm thick) are also shown for 15% metal fill fraction. Embedded schematic in (b) shows the defined incident angle (θ).

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