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Figure 6

From: Hyperbolic metamaterials: fundamentals and applications

Figure 6

Transmission spectra. (a) Multilayer system: transmission versus wavelength for an Ag-TiO2 system for both p and s polarized light at different incidence angles with effective medium theory (dashed) and a multilayer structure (solid). The structures are at 50% metal fill fraction for the both the EMT slab (320 nm thick) and the 40 layered multilayer structure (8 nm layers). (b) Nanowire System: Transmission versus wavelength for p and s polarizations at a 60° incident angle for an Ag-Al203 nanowire slab (500 nm thick) at 10% fill fraction. The wavelength range shown spans the Type I and Type II hyperbolic regions in both (a) and (b).

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