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Figure 7

From: Hyperbolic metamaterials: fundamentals and applications

Figure 7

Optical Density (OD) versus wavelength for both p and s incident polarizations for an Au-Al 2 O 3 system (a) and an Ag-Al 2 O 3 system (b) both at 10% metal fill fraction (500 nm slab thickness). The T resonance is shown in (a) at λ = 500 nm and the L resonance at λ = 900 nm. In (b), the T resonance occurs at λ = 400 nm and the L resonance at λ = 775 nm. Only p-polarized incidence shows the L resonance. Note that the resonances in silver are stronger due to the relatively lower losses. These extinction resonances only occur in the nanowire geometry and not the multilayer structures.

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