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Fig. 3

From: Mechanical test method and properties of a carbon nanomaterial with a high aspect ratio

Fig. 3

Nano tensile test. (a-I–III) A series of SEM images were taken during the tensile test for an NW with diameter of 20 nm. (a-IV) SEM image showing that fracture occurs on the NW when the load was applied to a certain value [50]. (b-I) SEM micrograph of microelectromechanical system used to test nanowires in situ a transmission electron microscope. (b-II) NW specimen suspended between thermal actuator and load sensor. Specimen ends were welded to the testing system by electron beam induced depositon of platinum. TEM images of a ZnO nanowire at various stages in the tensile testing: (b-III) before loading, (b-IV) at ~2.5% strain, (b-V) after failure [51]

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