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Fig. 4

From: Mechanical test method and properties of a carbon nanomaterial with a high aspect ratio

Fig. 4

The various mecahical test of individual CNT. a Atomic chain of carbon nanotube when using Berendsen thermostat: (a-I) armchair structure, (a-II) zigzag structure [61]. b Nanotube response to resonant alternating applied potentials. (b-I) In the absence of a potential, the nanotube tip (L = 6.25 μm, D = 14.5 nm) vibrated slightly because of thermal effects. (b-II) Resonant excitation of the fundamental mode of vibration (V1 = 530 kHz). (b-III) Resonant excitation of the second harmonic (V2 = 3.01 MHz) [7]. c An individual MWCNT mounted between two opposing AFM tips. (c-I) SEM image of two AFM tips holding a MWCNT, which is attached at both ends on the AFM silicon tip surface by electron beam deposition of carbonaceous material. (c-II) High-magnification SEM image of the indicated region between the AFM tips. (c-III) Higher magnification SEM image showing the attachment of the MWCNT on the top AFM tip. (c-IV) Close-up SEM image showing the attachment of the MWCNT on the lower AFM tip [75]. d The CNT tensile test in the SEM. (d-I) Image of tensile test system inside SEM. (d-II) Individual CNT was appled to tensile load and fractured. (d-III) The results of CNT of the different growth method [79, 80]

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