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Fig. 2 | Nano Convergence

Fig. 2

From: Spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy with quantitative insights into magnetic probes

Fig. 2

Preparation of biatomic-layer-high Co and Fe nanoislands on Cu(111). a An illustration showing the sample preparation. A submonolayer (sub-ML) of Co was deposited first on the Cu(111) substrate. Then a sub-ML of Fe was deposited subsequently. b CC-STM image of the sample surface after Co deposition of an amount equivalent to 0.5 ML. (50 × 50 nm2; V b = 0.1 V; I set = 2 nA). c STM image of the sample surface after 0.24 ML Co deposition followed by subsequent 0.28 ML Fe deposition. (50 × 50 nm2; V b = –0.3 V; I set = 3 nA). d A cartoon showing the lateral structures of 3 types of the nanoislands obtained by the sample preparation process illustrated in a. e, Differential conductance dI/dV curves measured by scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS) at the positions marked 1–5 in c. Position mark in c and corresponding dI/dV curve in d of each STS measurement share the same color code

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