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Fig. 9

From: Spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy with quantitative insights into magnetic probes

Fig. 9

(Reprinted from [7] with permission from Nature Publishing Group (Copyright 2014))

Probing non-collinear cycloidal spin order with a field-tuned tip with Stoner-Wohlfarth magnetization behavior. a A description of the tip magnetization M T of a “Stoner-Wohlfarth tip”, with the polar (θ T) and azimuthal (\(\phi\) T) angles, in the Cartesian coordinate system and a sketch of the geometric relation between the in-plane component of the tip magnetization M T, and the wave vector k 1 of the stripe pattern for the region 1 in Fig. 8 c. The black bars indicate the stripe pattern. b, c The upper figure of b (c) shows the x-position dependence of out-of-plane and in-plane components of local magnetization of the RR- (LR-) order. The lower figure of b (c) shows the field dependence of the \(\left. {\varvec{M}_{\text{T}} \cdot \varvec{M}_{\text{S}} } \right|_{norm}\) curves as a function of the position x, calculated with θ T = 55° and φ T = 170° for a RR- (LR-) order. The in-plane (red dotted) and out-of-plane (black dotted) components of the spin cycloidal order are shown in the coordinate system illustrated in a. The green arrows in the upper figure of b (c) indicate the local magnetization variation in space for a RR- (LR-) order. Reprinted from [7] with permission from Nature Publishing Group (Copyright 2014)

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