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Fig. 11

From: Biomolecular engineering for nanobio/bionanotechnology

Fig. 11

(a adapted with permission from: Ref. [106]. Copyright (2012) Springer, b, c adapted with permission from Ref. [109]. Copyright (2010) Oxford University Press)

The branched fusion protein construction by MTGase-mediated site-specific protein conjugation. a A fusion protein of putidaredoxin reductase (PdR) and P450cam linked with a peptide containing a reactive Gln residue and putidaredoxin attached K-tag generated a three-way branched fusion protein by MTGase. b Reaction scheme for d-camphor hydroxylation by branched P450cam with cofactor regeneration in a reversed micellar system. c Effect of W0 on the initial activities of branched P450cam (open circles) and an equimolar mixture of PdR, PdX and P450cam (closed circles)

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