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Fig. 13

From: Biomolecular engineering for nanobio/bionanotechnology

Fig. 13

(Figure reproduced with permission from: Ref. [123]. Copyright (2012) American Chemical Society)

Schematic illustration of interenzyme substrate diffusion for an enzyme cascade organized on spatially addressable DNA nanostructures. a DNA nanostructure-directed coassembly of GOx and HRP enzymes with control over interenzyme distances and details of the GOx/HRP enzyme cascade. b Spacing distance-dependent effect of assembled GOx/HRP pairs as illustrated by plots of product concentration (Absorbance of ABTS) vs time for various nanostructured and free enzyme samples. c Enhancment of the activity of the enzyme pairs on DNA nanostructures compared to free enzyme in solution. d The design of an assembled GOx/HRP pair with a protein bridge used to connect the hydration surfaces of GOx and HRP. e Enhancement in the activity of assembled GOx/HRP pairs with β-Gal and NTV bridges compared to unbridged GOx/HRP pairs

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