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Fig. 7

From: Biomolecular engineering for nanobio/bionanotechnology

Fig. 7

(Figure reproduced with permission from: Ref. [80]. Copyright (2013) with permission from Springer Nature)

Design of microfluidic ECL array for cancer biomarker detection. (1) syringe pump, (2) injector valve, (3) switch valve to guide the sample to the desired channel, (4) tubing for inlet, (5) outlet, (6) poly(methylmethacrylate) plate, (7) Pt counter wire, (8) Ag/AgCl reference wire, (9) polydimethylsiloxane channels, (10) pyrolytic graphite chip (black), surrounded by hydrophobic polymer (white) to make microwells. Bottoms of microwells (red rectangles) contain primary antibody-decorated SWCNT forests, (11) ECL label containing RuBPY-silica nanoparticles with cognate secondary antibodies are injected to the capture protein analytes previously bound to cognate primary antibodies. ECL is detected with a CCD camera

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