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Fig. 2

From: Polymer-based chromophore–catalyst assemblies for solar energy conversion

Fig. 2

(Reproduced with permission from ref [23]. Copyright 2015 the Royal Society of Chemistry)

a Structures of the model complex, Ru(PF6) and Ru(Cl) and ruthenium derivatized polystyrene (PSn-Ru(PF6) and PSn-Ru(Cl)). b Plot of the lifetime (black square) and quantum yield (blue circle). c Proposed energy transfer and self-quenching mechanisms. d Stern–Volmer plot (I0/I vs. [AQS]) for emission quenching of Ru(Cl), and PS35-Ru(Cl) with AQS by monitoring the emission intensity at 673 nm. e Illustration of excition quenching in the presence of quencher

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