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Fig. 12

From: Nanostructured surfaces for analysis of anticancer drug and cell diagnosis based on electrochemical and SERS tools

Fig. 12

(Reprinted with permission from [120]. Copyright @ 2013 AIP)

a Seven cluster Raman map of MCF-7 cells. b Average spectra corresponding to clusters in (a) (same colors as in (a)): the average spectra of nucleus (orange) nucleolus (dark green), cytoplasm (pink), membrane (brown), endoplasmic reticulum (light blue), PBS buffer (light green) and paclitaxel (red). c Correlation map of the same image. d The correlation coefficient between the whole spectra and the one of paclitaxel taken as a reference (black spectrum). The best correlation is obtained for the paclitaxel in cell (red spectrum); the region with no correlation to paclitaxel is due to the PBS buffer (blue spectrum)

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