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Fig. 19

From: Colloidal quantum dots for thermal infrared sensing and imaging

Fig. 19

(Figures reproduced from ref. [32] with permission. Copyright 2015 AIP Publishing LLC)

HgTe CQD-based Schottky diodes. a A schematic of Schottky diode device structure (CaF2/HgTe CQDs/Ag). b The device current–voltage characteristics at 90 K. The black and blue curve are the plots obtained with thermal shield closed and open, respectively. The orange curve overlapped with the black plot is the fit to a diode equation with diode ideality factor of 1.26. The red curve is a plot obtained under black body (600 °C) illumination. c The spectral photoresponse obtained from HgTe CQD devices having absorption cut-off at 1907 (red, 90 K), 2266 (green, 140 K), and 2500 (blue, 138 K) cm−1

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