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Fig. 2 | Nano Convergence

Fig. 2

From: Stretchable and reflective displays: materials, technologies and strategies

Fig. 2

(Figure reproduced from a [107], Copyright 2012, The Society for Information Display; b [12, 13], Copyright 2012, The Society for Information Display and The Korean Information Display Society; c [20], Copyright 2008, Optical Society of America; d [21], Copyright 2018, IEEE; e [34], Copyright E Ink Holdings Inc.)

Technologies for electrophoretic display with their diagrams. a Cross sectional schematic of a microencapsulated electrophoretic imaging film and material of each part. b An electrophoretic display with hybridized vertical and horizontal movements of pigment particles. Microscopic images of display pixels are shown below. c An electrophoretic color display with color filter array. d An electrophoretic color display with three different pigment particles in one microcup. e An electrophoretic display produced by E Ink Holdings Inc. Pixel density of 150 ppi in 20 inch diagonal was demonstrated

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