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Fig. 2

From: Advances in self-healing supramolecular soft materials and nanocomposites

Fig. 2

(reproduced with permission from: Ref. [38] ©2015, NPG)

a Schematic of the H-bonding and vinyl hybrid silica nanoparticles (VSNPs) dual cross-linked VSNPs-PAA electrolyte, which are intrinsically neither self-healable nor highly stretchable; b schematic of self-healing arising from interfacial coordination of carboxyl groups on the PAA. c Demonstration of the self-healed VSNPs-PAA polyelectrolyte film (3.4 mm thick × 1.8 cm wide) to support ca. 500 g mass: pristine sample (left of panel) and healed sample after the third breaking/healing cycle (right of panel); d ionic conductivity of the VSNPs-PAA polyelectrolyte after multiple healing cycles; e after healing from different cycles, the healing efficiency calculated from CV (circle, red) and GCD (star, blue) curves; f capacitance calculated from the GCD as a function of the tensile strain achieves an increase of 3.5-and 2.1-fold at 600% strain

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