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Fig. 5

From: Advances in self-healing supramolecular soft materials and nanocomposites

Fig. 5

(reproduced with permission from: Ref. [52], ©2018 ACS)

a Chemical structures of supramolecular polymeric materials (SPMs) with different amounts of stronger UPy quadruple H-bonding and weaker urethane cross-links to tune the properties of SPMs; b schematic illustration of the construction of highly stretchable SPMs; c GPC chromatograms utilizing DMF as the eluent and PMMA as the standard, showing that all polymer are comparable Mn and relatively narrow PDI, respectively; d SAXS profile of bulk SPMs that displays broad scattering peaks at 3.7 to 5.2 nm, indicative the presence of microphase separation; e optical images of the damaged and healed SPM film

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