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Fig. 8

From: Advances in self-healing supramolecular soft materials and nanocomposites

Fig. 8

(reproduced with permission from: Ref. [64] ©2017, AAAS)

a Synthesis of catechol-containing networks and a triethylsilyl protected catechol group (CAT) cluster network-formation chemistry; b schematic representation of the silyl protective group’s cleavage and subsequent iron complex formation and a test specimen swelling during the process; c Raman spectra of protected (blue), deprotected (orange), and iron-treated (black) catechol-containing networks, which is confirm iron-catechol coordination; d SAXS and WAXS of the dry networks. SAXS shows broad peaks for the deprotected (orange) and iron-treated (black) networks. WAXS peaks result from interatom matrix scattering

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