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Fig. 9

From: Advances in self-healing supramolecular soft materials and nanocomposites

Fig. 9

(figures reproduced with permission from: a Ref. [75], ©2013 ACS; bd Ref. [92], ©2011 NPG; bd Ref. [93], ©2013 ACS)

a Chemical structures and schematic illustration of CNC functionalized self-healing of UPy nanocomposites based on telechelic PEB building blocks. b, c Chemical structure of the metallopolymers via assembly of Mebip end-capped telechelic poly(ethylene-co-butylene) with Zn(NTf2)2 or Eu(NTf2)3. d Schematic representation of the UV-light triggered metallosupramolecular nanocomposites

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