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Table 1 Comparison of recent PfLDH detection studies

From: Simple, rapid, and accurate malaria diagnostic platform using microfluidic-based immunoassay of Plasmodium falciparum lactate dehydrogenase

Microfluidic microplatePfLDH in bufferAntibodyFluorescence intensity0.025 pg/μL5 μLThis study
Microfluidic microplatePfLDH in human serumAntibodyFluorescence intensity1 pg/μL5 μLThis study
ELISAPfLDH in bufferAntibodyAbsorbance0.1 pg/μL100 μLThis study
Lateral flow immunoassayPfLDH in bufferAntibodyColorimetric assay10 pg/μL30 μL[31]
AuNPs based aptasensorPfLDH in lysed RBCsa solution (Mimic real sample)AptamerColorimetric assay38 pg/μL10 μL[32]
MNP-Qdot aptasensorPfLDH in bufferAptamerFluorescence intensity0.0066 pg/μL100 μL[33]
Aptamer-tethered enzyme capture (APTEC) assayPfLDH in bufferAptamerColorimetric assay4.9 pg/μL10 μL[34]
Aptamer-tethered enzyme capture (APTEC) assayPfLDH in serumAptamerColorimetric assay50 pg/μL40 μL[35]
  1. aRBC red blood cells