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Fig. 5

From: Graphene impregnated electrospun nanofiber sensing materials: a comprehensive overview on bridging laboratory set-up to industry

Fig. 5

(Reproduced with permission from [202], Copywrite 2015 Royal Society of Chemistry)

a Schematic presentation of electrospinning for producing PVA/GQD onto GCE for electrochemical biosensing and catalyzing of H2O2, b the possible detection mechanism, c Zeta potentials of GQDs, PVA, and PVA/GQD nanofibrous membranes at varied pH, d CVs of GCEs modified with PVA and PVA/GQD nanofibrous membranes, sensitivity of the biosensor at different potentials (inset), e CVs of the PVA/GQD nanofibrous membranes modified GCE 0.1 M PBS with different addition of H2O2

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