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Table 1 Key NPs in GI cancer therapeutics

From: Nano drug delivery systems in upper gastrointestinal cancer therapy

Composition Material Therapeutic agent Target Model Refs.
Inorganic Silica NP IDO-inhibitor + oxaliplatin P Transgenic Pdx-A-Cre mouse [164]
PAX + gemcitabine P PANC-A mouse xenograft [154]
PAX + curcumin GC, BD, P 4T1 mouse xenograft [165]
Irinotecan P Kras-derived PDAC mouse model [166]
Selenium Oridonin + GE11 peptide GC Human esophageal cancer cell lines (KYSE-150 and EC9706) and KYSE-150 xenograft mouse model [167]
Metallic Gold Doxorubicin + VARLITINIB P Cancer line S2-013s [32]
HER-2 siRNA GC MFC-derived tumors bearing mice [152]
Natural Albumin PAX + gemcitabine BD/P/G Applied in Clinics [168]
Hyaluronic acid coated, load: celastrol + A-Methyl-Tryptophan P C57BL/6 mice xenograft model [141]
Chitosan-PLGA Docetaxel + elacridar P, GC A549 adenocarcinoma cell culture [169]
Alginate Liquid alginate GC Clinical trial for pre-cancerous Barrett’s esophagus [170]
Polymeric PLGA PAX-oncoGel P Porcine pancreas in vivo, phase I clinical trial [171]
Docetaxel + LY294002 GC Orthotopic GC—and xenograft mouse model [172]
5-fluoroucil + PAX GC In vitro and Ex vivo sLeA cells [173]
Liposome Phospholipid IDO-inhibitor + oxaliplatin P Syngeneic mice [164]
  1. P pancreas, BD bile duct, GC gastric/esophageal