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Fig. 8

From: Hydrogen production from water electrolysis: role of catalysts

Fig. 8

(Figure reprinted with permission from Ref. [44])

A (a) Polarization curves of CoS2 film, MW array, and NW array electrode for HER, (b–d) SEM images of CoS2 film, NW array, and MW array on graphite, (e) schematic depictions of CoS2 film, CoS2 NWs, and MWs surface along with the produced H2(g) bubbles (Figure reprinted with permission from Ref. [43]). B (a) XRD pattern of the products obtained at various temperatures, (b) HER performance of the catalysts with different oxygen-incorporated MoS2 ultrathin nanosheets. (c, d) Structural models of the oxygen-incorporated MoS2 with enlarged interlayer spacing and the pristine 2H–MoS2. (e, f) Schematic representation of the disordered structure in oxygen-incorporated MoS2 ultrathin nanosheets. The blue lines represent the fast electron transport between the quasi-periodically aligned nanodomains; the purple shadings indicate the enrichment effect of active sites arising from the disordered structure

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