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Fig. 5

From: Nanoscale fluorescence imaging of biological ultrastructure via molecular anchoring and physical expansion

Fig. 5

(Reprinted/adapted by permission from Springer Nature: Chozinski et al. [38], copyright 2016)

Expansion of Thy1-YFP-H mouse brain slice using MA-NHS as the protein anchor. a Triple-color proExM of endogenously expressed YFP (blue), immunostained presynaptic marker Bassoon (green), and immunostained postsynaptic marker Homer1 (red). Scale bar, 5 μm. b The same area as in a after expansion. Scale bar, 5 μm. c, d Magnified views of the boxed regions before expansion. Scale bars, 500 nm. e, f The same area in c and d after expansion. Scale bars, 500 nm. g, h Cross-sectional profiles of the boxed regions in e and f (arb., arbitrary units).

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