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Atomically Tailored Nanocatalysts for Energy Applications

Nanomaterial catalysis is receiving growing interest in sustainable and environmental-friendly energy storage and conversion devices. Catalytically active nanomateri-als have been widely employed as heterogeneous cata-lysts in various photocatalytic or electrocatalytic energy storage and conversion reactions, including hydrogen evolution reaction, oxygen evolution reaction, and oxygen reduction reaction. Since the catalytic activity of nano-materials depends strongly on their physical and chemical structures, it is the kernel of research to design the active sites with atomic precision for the development of high-performance energy devices. Motivated by this emerging trend, this special issue aims to introduce re-cent outstanding research efforts directed towards the atomic engineering of nanomaterials’ structure and catalytic activity.

Guest editor:
Jong-Ho Kim, Hanyang University, Korea,

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  1. N-Doped carbon electrocatalysts are a promising alternative to precious metal catalysts to promote oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). However, it remains a challenge to design the desired active sites on carbon s.....

    Authors: Jung Hyun Park, Jae-Hoon Shin, Jong-Min Ju, Jun-Hyeong Lee, Chanhee Choi, Yoonhee So, Hyunji Lee and Jong-Ho Kim
    Citation: Nano Convergence 2022 9:17

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