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Call for Paper: Nanotechnology Enabled Battery Breakthrough

Nanotechnology gives us a new opportunity to solve the chronic issues that cannot be solved in traditional material design and fabrication process for next-generation battery. Along with rapid expansion of electric vehicles market, intensive attention is being paid to exploit nanostructured materials and nanotechnology for addressing various technical issues of batteries for electric vehicle applications. Recently we have indeed witnessed that nanotechnology provides a potential solution to some key challenges of next-generation battery systems. Motivated by these trends, this issue aims to introduce recent research efforts towards bat-tery technology breakthrough driven by nanotechnology.

Please give a short list of topics of interest:
High Performance Rechargeable Battery System Enabled by Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Guest editor:
Min Jae Ko, Hanyang University, Korea,
Hansu Kim, Hanyang University, Korea,

Manuscript Submissions due:
February 28th, 2021

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