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Fig. 5

From: Biomolecular engineering for nanobio/bionanotechnology

Fig. 5

(Figure reproduced with permission from: Ref. [62]. Copyright (2016) with permission from John Wiley and Sons)

Light-induced cellular uptake of Tf or a chemotherapeutic drug through degradation of P-Aggs. ac Confocal microscopy images of DLD1 cells treated with P-Aggs consisting of SA and AF647-labeled caged Tf before light irradiation. df Those after light irradiation at 8 J cm−2. a, d AF647-fluorescence images, b, e differential interference contrast (DIC) images, c, f each merged image of (a, b) or (d, e), respectively. The scale bars are 50 μm. g Cell viabilities of the DLD1 cells treated with doxorubicin-modified Tf (Tf-DOX) or with P-Aggs consisting of SA and the caged Tf-DOX before and after light irradiation at 8 J cm−2

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