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Fig. 16

From: Colloidal quantum dots for thermal infrared sensing and imaging

Fig. 16

(Figures reproduced from ref. [28] with permission, Copyright 2013 American Chemical Society and from ref. [65]. Copyright 2013 John Wiley & Sons)

Photoconductive device based on HgTe CQDs prepared via improved synthesis. a A TEM image of HgTe CQDs prepared through improved synthesis method, showing reduced aggregation. b A plot of carrier mobility as a function of temperature obtained from CQD film ligand exchanged with inorganic As2S3-based ligand and traditional organic (ethanedithiol, EDT) ligand. c The map of detectivity (1 kHz) plotted against bias and temperature for 3 μm absorption cut-offs HgTe CQD device treated with As2S3-based ligand

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