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Cancer-targeted imaging and therapy

Cancer is a pivotal medical application of nanotechnology. Nano-scale materials provide unlimited advantages of pinpointed diagnosis by molecular detection of tumor microenvironment and targeted molecular therapy in response to pathological stimuli. Since the key concept of utilizing nanotechnology in cancer diagnosis and therapy was conceived a few decades ago, immense research and development efforts have been invested with relatively little successes. This theme issue will overview the current status and key accomplishment in the field as well as offering perspectives and guides for the next generation nanotechnology in cancer imaging and therapy. 

Guest editor:
Young Jik Kwon, University of California, Irvine, USA,

  1. Modern medicine has been waging a war on cancer for nearly a century with no tangible end in sight. Cancer treatments have significantly progressed, but the need to increase specificity and decrease systemic t...

    Authors: Jessica A. Kemp and Young Jik Kwon

    Citation: Nano Convergence 2021 8:34

    Content type: Review

    Published on:

  2. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most malignant tumors in the world, and patients with HCC face a poor prognosis. The conventional therapeutic strategies for HCC have undergone a challenge-riddled ...

    Authors: Tianxiu Dong, Jian Jiang, Hao Zhang, Hongyuan Liu, Xiaomeng Zou, Jiamei Niu, Yingxuan Mao, Mingwei Zhu, Xi Chen, Zizhuo Li, Yaodong Chen, Chunying Shi and Xiuhua Yang

    Citation: Nano Convergence 2021 8:29

    Content type: Full Paper

    Published on:

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