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Metal & Oxide Based Nanocomposite Materials and their Applications


Emerging nanotheranostic technologies for the advanced personalized medicine

Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering

2D material-based photonics

Smart Nanobiomaterials for Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications     

The 13th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices (ICAMD2023)

NANO KOREA Symposium 2023

3D bioprinting-based biomaterials for tissue engineering

Neuromorphic Computing: Materials, Devices, and Mechanisms

Emerging quantum phenomena in van der Waals materials

PV technology leading a sustainable carbon-neutral society: Perovskite Solar Cells

Remote and van der Waals epitaxy

Nanophotonics meet functional imaging


Synthesis and Applications of Colloidal Nanocrystals for Emerging Applications

The 20th International Symposium on the Physics of Semiconductors and Applications (ISPSA 2022)

Global Photovoltaic Conference 2022 (GPVC 2022)

NANO KOREA Symposium 2022
Collection published on: 10 October 2022

Fluorite Structure Ferroelectric Materials and Devices
Collection published on: 1 October 2022

Novel Nanobiophotonic Approaches for Sensing and Imaging
Collection published on: 23 May 2022

Atomically Tailored Nanocatalysts for Energy Applications
Collection published on: 12 April 2022


Photonic Nanomedicine
Collection published on: 10 November 2021

The 12th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Devices (ICAMD2021)
Collection published: 01 June 2022

Biomolecular Assembly in Nanoscale
Collection Published on: 13 January 2022

Nanotechnology Enabled Battery Breakthrough
Collection published on: 7 June 2021

Cancer-targeted imaging and therapy
Collection Published on: 4 October 2021

Recent Research Trend on 2D Transition Metal Carbides or Carbonitrides MXene Nanomaterials
Collection published on: 17 February 2021

Sustainable Hydrogen Production
Collection published on: 11 February 2021

Organs-on-a-chip for nanoscience and technology
Collection published on: 2 February 2021


Advance in Photonic Devices Scaling Down to the Nanoscale
Collection published on: 26 May 2020


Flexible Display and Integrated Sensor
Collection published on: 8 August 2019

Soft Materials
Collection published on: 10 June 2019

Solar Fuel Generation
Collection published on: 12 March 2019

Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Applications of Colloidal Inorganic Nanocrystals
Collection published on: 2 February 2019


Nanopatterning Lithography and Applications
Collection published on: 10 July 2018

Collection published on: 22 March 2018


Novel plasmonics and metamaterials devices
Collection published on: 11 December 2017

Advanced Nanomaterials and Devices for Next Generation Energy Technologies
Collection published on: 25 July 2017

Beyond Nanomaterials
Collection published on: 27 June 2017

Advanced characterization methods for nano-materials
Collection published on: 29 March 2017

Nanopatterning Lithography
Collection published on: 1 March 2017


Soft Electronics
Collection published on: 15 March 2016


Collection published on: 9 November 2015

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